Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Stories of women in ABE

Alumni stories:

Lucia Dunderman

Student stories:

Anne Reardon

Daniela Markazi

Kara Brockamp

Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) applies scientific and engineering principles to production systems involving agriculture, food, environment, and energy; natural resources; environmental protection and control for plants, animals, and humans; and related biological systems. ABE engineers develop technologies and apply management strategies to increase agricultural productivity, generate renewable energy, and provide a sustainable environment.

Sample Careers
  • Agricultural safety and technology
  • Food science and engineering
  • Bioprocess modeling
  • Environmental controls (air quality and waste management)
  • Biofuels and engines
  • Hydrology, drainage, and irrigation
  • Crop conditioning and processing
  • Alternatirive energy systems
  • Government
  • Project management
Sample Courses
  • ABE 224: ABE Principles–Soil & Water
  • ABE 226: ABE Principles–Bioprocessing
  • ABE 430: Project Management
  • ABE 446: Biological Nanoengineering
  • ABE 483: Engineering Properties of Food Materials

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