Lucia Dunderman

As an undergrad in ABE, Lucia Dunderman participated in four study abroad programs. She worked on wildlife control and indoor air quality in Tanzania, studied in person the effects of climate change on the Swedish Arctic, researched drinking water quality in China, and did a semester in Ireland.

“In just four years, I was able to experience four separate study abroad programs and visit 10 countries,” Dunderman said. “This extensive travel that was heavily supported by Illinois taught me more about my major, career path, and myself than any classroom.”

Dunderman held executive positions in clubs such as the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers, and also worked as a research assistant in ABE. As an RA, she was lead author on multiple projects and presented her research at several events. For her many accomplishments, she was named a Knight of St. Patrick.

Dunderman now works as a Continuous Improvement Specialist in the Global Graduate Supply Program at Diageo USVI. Read her spotlight here.

Read her blog about studying abroad here.

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