Bioengineering (BioE)

Bioengineering is all about modeling of systems, design of new technologies and devices for low cost, effective medical care. Bioengineers study and understand how complex biological systems work and how to design and construct medical devices, design better therapeutics, and solve big problems facing society. The intended long-term impact is to enrich the educational experience through technical education that uses a more inclusive, holistic view of social science integration that piques interest in STEM disciplines among underrepresented students, and provides a framework for current issues such as healthcare, health disparities, and sustainability.

Last year’s camp explored many of the exciting new topics within engineering, such as:

  • Cell and Tissue Engineering
  • Biomechanics and Prosthetics
  • Imaging and Sensing
  • Therapeutics Engineering
  • Computational and Systems Biology

These topics were covered through lectures, hands-on activities and team projects. Some hands-on activities and projects that campers were involved in included:

  • Cell culture of mammalian cells
  • Trip to Jump Simulation and Education Center in Peoria to see medical devices in action
  • Analysis of biomimetic materials
  • Building biomedical instrumentation

Guest lecturers, like Prof Brendan Harley and Prof Andrew Smith were also invited to talk about the field and their research. More specifically, how materials can be made to mimic natural materials and how we can use quantum dots detect and treat diseases like Cancer.

This year’s camp will include most of these topics and projects, but is subject to change.

The camp coordinator is Dr. Jenny Amos who is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Bioengineering department, and Director of Assessment and Evaluation for the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine.  Her interest include research in tissue engineering and engineering education.  The camp also benefits from training in social science techniques from Professors Carla Hunter, Assoc Prof in Psychology, and Kate Clancy, Assoc Prof in Anthropology, who teach the students to appreciate the impacts of engineering on society and about women’s’ health issues.

Bioengineering has always been one of our most popular camps, and it fills up fast.  Apply today!

Check out the article published in I-STEM talking about us!

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