Systems Engineering and Design: Student stories Siobhan Fox

Systems engineering and design is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that emphasizes real-world problem-solving through a unique orientation toward partnerships with industry. Systems engineers understand how to apply business fundamentals to promote utilization of new technology, engage in entrepreneurship, and to promote process improvement through the utilization of new technology.

Name: Siobhan FoxSiobhan Fox

What inspired you to decide to pursue your specific major?

It’s versatility and its emphasis on developing soft skills. Everyone knows that engineers have well developed technical skills, but not all engineers can effectively communicate their ideas or their business value to his or her employer. By pursuing a degree in systems engineering and design, however, you are taught how to look at solutions holistically and are well prepared for a position as an engineering project manager.

What has surprised you most about your major that you didn’t realize a few years ago? 

It is incredibly collaborative.

How have you “used engineering” so far as a student?

This summer, I interned for AT&T where I was tasked with automating processes involved in C-RAN node implementation as part of a larger project overhauling the development of C-RAN in preparation for the construction and maintenance of a 5G network. To do this, I utilized my knowledge of Python from a computer science course I took freshman year, HTML from a previous internship with a publishing company, and process optimization from certifications in Lean and Six Sigma that I received from a group associated with the ISE department.

What are your career goals?

Eh… not 100% certain. Still figuring it out!

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