Supriya Hobbs

Illinois chemical engineering major Supriya Hobbs wanted to engage young girls in STEM. Her passion led her to co-found the start up Miss Possible with fellow student Janna Eaves.

Miss Possible is a line of dolls aimed at providing girls with role models such as Marie Curie, Bessie Coleman, and Ada Lovelace, all women whose stories serve to nurture interests in STEM.

“The one parameter is that they need to be women who have made an impact in the world,” Hobbs said in an interview with Sweety High.

Now an alum, Hobbs still oversees Miss Possible. The first doll, Marie Curie, is currently sold online. The dolls come with an interactive app that teaches kids about the role model and has relevant activities.

“We want to make sure it’s really engaging for kids, so we’re being very thorough,” Hobbs said in the interview of including the app. “It’s an important component because it brings this woman from being sort of a static figure to someone that kids interact with and learn from.”

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Visit the Miss Possible web page here.

Article & photograph: Veronica, Sweety High

Vignette written by: Taylor Tucker, May 2017

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