Eliza Wright

Eliza WrightCleaner, more reliable energy is one of the greatest challenges that the planet faces. Nuclear reactors provide a clean base load of power, meaning they are consistent and reliable. I’m personally interested in all of the new reactor designs as the industry seeks to expand and develop. Beyond nuclear power specifically, I can also explore advanced space propulsion, radiation detection with government agencies, and medical school for imaging. Using my education, I have worked as an Engineering Safety Analysis Intern in the Nuclear Fuels Group at Exelon Generation. Many of my projects included dose analysis to ensure that any type of alert or safety threat would not result in a dangerous amount of radiation being released to the public. Although I’m not entirely sure what I’ll end up with, I know I want to help ensure that clean and reliable power is distributed around the world. Helping developing countries establish power will improve their quality of life and provide jobs.

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