Nishana Ismail

Prior to entering grad school at UIUC, Nishana Ismail worked as a Product Engineering trainee with Deere & Company, India.
She received her bachelor’s degree from the National Institute of Technology Calicut in 2008 and completed her master’s in mechanical engineering at Illinois in 2013.
Ismail continued on as a Ph.D. student, doing research on applications of micro transfer printing. In 2015, she
received a Fifty for the Future award for her technological development work with the security company Servabo. Presented annually by the Illinois Technology Institute, the awards are given to students who show dedication to the advancement of technology.
Ismail continues to serve as Servabo’s vice president while working on her Ph.D.
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Ismail article & photograph: BTN Staff
Servabo article: MechSE Communications
Vignette written by: Taylor Tucker, July 2017

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