Melba Crawford

Melba M. Crawford received her B.S. (1970) and M.S. degrees in civil engineering from Illinois and her PhD. in systems engineering from Ohio State University.

Crawford worked for fifteen years at the University of Texas after receiving her PhD. During her time there, she founded a research and applications development program that focuses on space-based and airborne remote sensing.

Crawford then moved to Purdue University, joining the faculty as a professor of agronomy, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. She is based in the Department of Agronomy and has since become the Associate Dean of Engineering for Research. She works with the research group Geomatics Engineering, which focuses on global geospatial resources and infrastructure.

Among other titles throughout her career, Crawford has served as the 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society president. Read more about her career here

Visit her Purdue faculty page here.

Article: IEEE GRSS

Vignette written by: Taylor Tucker, February 2018

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