Jen Yee Ko

If you think Jen looks familiar, it is because she is one of Women in Engineering’s very own student coordinators! She primarily helps organize WIE LEAD because she finds it very rewarding to provide a space for women to have meaningful discussions. She says, “I love working here because the team is fun to work with and everyone is passionate about what they do.” In addition to being enthusiastic about her job for Women in Engineering, Jen has worked hard to make the most of the educational opportunities the university has to offer by pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Leadership Certificate. Before deciding on Mechanical Engineering, Jen had her heart set on becoming a car designer. After realizing that she wanted a degree that was more flexible and allowed her to go into a wider range of industries, she decided to study Mechanical Engineering. With this degree she was able to score an internship with United Airlines. While the work she was doing was interesting, Jen’s favorite part of this job was having discounted flight tickets. That summer she went to Hawaii a lot, and, during one trip, she spontaneously decided to go skydiving. To other students she says “Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be scared to fail. You grow much more if you take risks.” Another way Jen pushed the limits of her comfort zone was by studying abroad in Sweden. There she fell in love, traveled to 12 countries by couchsurfing and staying in hostels, and experienced heartbreak. While it wasn’t always perfect, she is grateful she did it because she grew a lot from all of those experiences. She was able to learn about many different cultures, meet locals, and make lifelong friends.

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