Mechanical Engineering: Student stories Kellie Halloran

Mechanical engineers design, build, and analyze machines, products, and processes that improve our lives. They are concerned with the technological and economic aspects of the design, development, and use of their products. Today, mechanical engineers work to design efficient, low-cost machines and processes that are sustainable and make an impact on the lives of people around the world.

Name: Kellie HalloranKellie Halloran

What inspired you to decide to pursue your specific major?

I really like how broad mechanical engineering is. You can do a lot of things and work in many areas with a mechanical engineering degree. I also like the idea of designing something that I can hold and touch and see. There’s more of a design aspect with mechanical engineering – you get to decide what the product looks like on the outside.

What has surprised you most about your major that you didn’t realize a few years ago?

I didn’t realize how broad it really was. There are so many mechanical engineers doing different things, from medical devices to cars to fire protection to toys and everything in between.

How have you “used engineering” so far as a student?

I’ve used engineering in my design classes, where we have a semester long project and present a finished product at the end. I’ve also used it in my extracurricular activities and in my summer internships.

What are your career goals?

I am hoping to go into the medical side of engineering, designing medical devices and working with people to make their lives easier and safer!

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