Louise Woodroofe

In her later years, Louise Woodroofe was known locally by the bright bandana that reflected her love of color.
An artist at heart, she taught drawing at Illinois in the architecture department back when architecture was included in the College of Engineering. Woodroofe transferred from Illinois to Syracuse University and graduated in 1919 with a B.S. in painting. When she returned to Illinois to teach, she became the
university’s first woman faculty member.
Woodroofe passed away at the impressive age of 104, and was described as “spectacular,” and “wild and splashy” by people who knew her. To learn more about Woodroofe, watch a video made by WILL-TV discussing her life here.
View her artwork and biography here.
Biography & photo: Piece Galleries
Vignette written by: Taylor Tucker, July 2017
Updated: September 2018

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