Computer Science


Robotics Camp gives young women the opportunity to harness the power of computer technology and bring robotic creations to life by building, programming, and controlling autonomous robots. Campers will participate in stimulating computer labs, hands-on robotic development and computer programming using the LEGO Mindstorm NXT system, 3pi robot by Pololu, and other activities that focus on group problem solving and creativity to address issues facing society today.

  • Campers will learn about binary, logic gates, and Boolean algebra, while programming in C and NXC (Not eXactly C).
  • Campers will learn how to calculate Voltage, current, and resistance while soldering sensors and resistors onto their very own 3pi robot, which they get to keep.
  • Campers will build sumo robots, challenge the coordinator’s robot, and do a final relay challenge that combines all of the skills they learn in class.

Our Robotics camp developers and coordinators are Landi Lark and Steve Zazeski. Landi and Steve are graduates from the University of Illinois with Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering.  They are both also software engineers at Pixo, a software consultancy here in Urbana. Landi has been involved in GAMES for nearly 8 years where she has served in nearly every camp role from counselor to lab assistant to coordinator.  Steve will be entering his second year as Robotics co-coordinator for GAMES. Every year, these coordinators write a song to teach the campers a new programming related concept, regardless of how goofy it turns out.