Josie Stawinoga

Industrial Engineering

As an engineering undeclared student, Josie felt very confused and lost at the beginning of her freshman year. “What helped me work through it were the ELAs in my ENG 100 class. Their guidance and support helped me to find my community within this large university and a major that I now love.” Now Josie is helping other freshman like her by working as an ELA for ENG 100, and it has been the highlight of her junior year. Seeing her student grow and feel more comfortable at the University was very rewarding, and she is excited to see all they accomplish in the future.

As an Engineering Undeclared student Josie had the opportunity to take 2 semesters worth of classes to explore all of the engineering majors available at the University of Illinois. What drew her to Industrial Engineering was the combination of human factors with engineering concepts. “It is always really interesting when we are able to break down seemingly complex human issues into mathematical problems, and find a solution.” Her dream job would be working within the healthcare industry helping to improve processes and products so people using healthcare services are focused on getting better instead of the formalities that come along with seeking medical help.

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