Josie Stawinoga

Josie StawinogaAfter graduating in 2019, Josie went on to become an Accelerated Development Program Associate at Change Healthcare.

She said the following while at Illinois:

I love the human aspect of industrial engineering. We focus a lot on how people fit into the systems we are working with and how to make things better for everyone involved. I would love to end up in the healthcare industry. I want to make a positive impact on people’s lives with the work I do so what better way to do so than to help make sure staying healthy is as pain free as possible! So far, I have worked as an Operations Intern at Express Scripts helping to streamline and standardize back-end filling processes. I’ve interned at Abbott helping to create predictive models for the amount of time it takes to test batches of products like Ensure and Pedialyte. I’ve also gotten the chance to work on a project with a very interdisciplinary team of engineers in Brazil to help come up with a trustworthy system to be implemented in waste picker cooperatives.

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