Geneva Belford

Throughout her career as a computer science faculty member at Illinois, Geneva Belford was known for pushing students to do better. She also advised more than 140 graduate students, many at the Masters level.

“I admired how she had a knack of looking at the big picture and could help students who may have been frustrated, scared, or timid,” Rhonda McElroy, current Graduate Programs Director for Illinois’ College of Engineering, said.

Belford was the recipient of many awards, including the 2005 Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Award and the 2012 CS @ Illinois Distinguished Service Award.

“I believe if you expect the best from students, they will generally meet the challenge,” Belford said. Read more about her here.

Article: Colin Robertson, CS @ Illinois

Photo: University of Illinois Archives at Urbana-Champaign

Vignette: Taylor Tucker, September 2017

Updated: December 2018

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