Emily Matijevich

As an undergrad, Emily was very passionate about outreach and service. She was active in SWE, Engineers Without Borders, and Engineering Council while also volunteering at Presence Hospital (now OSF), conducting undergraduate research in the Human Dynamics and Controls laboratory, and serving as the Women in Engineering orientation co-coordinator for the Fall of 2015.

Emily’s passion for outreach and service continues to shine as she works towards her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. There, she is a member of the Biomechanics and Assistive Technology lab under Prof. Karl Zelik, where she is currently developing a wearable technology to measure the forces bones undergo during running and conditioning exercises. Through this research, they are hoping to help athletes reduce stress fracture injuries. To learn more about her research, check out their video here!

On top of her research at Vanderbilt, Emily still finds time to participate in many outreach events. Last summer, Emily taught a 3-week course, Adaptive Engineering, for high school students where the students adapted small motor-powered cars for kids with special needs. She has also co-hosted a “National Biomechanics Day” and participated in 72-hour “make-a-thons” for assistive technology.

In her free time, Emily enjoys yoga, hiking, and running, as well as cooking and weekend road trips with friends.

Join us as we discuss the first chapter of the book Women and Ideas in Engineering: Twelve Stories from Illinois! The chapter, titled “Engineers Who Happen to be Women: the First 150 Years,” is a fascinating history of the first women in the College of Engineering. This WIE Lead will take place on March 1st from 12-1 PM at MEL 2005 (JDP).

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