Computer Science

Stories of women in CS

We’ve collected stories below from some women alumnae and students in CS. Read them to learn how these engineers apply their Illinois Engineering education in their community and around the world.

Alumnae Stories:

Geneva Belford

Linda Mills

Mary Jane Irwin

Parisa Tabriz

Ruta Mehta

Sandra Rankin

Student stories:

Hanna Parker

Shannon Strum

Computer Science (CS) is the study of theory, design, and applications of digital computers, software design and information processing techniques.

CS graduates work in every sector of the economy by:
  • Developing gene sequencing algorithms via techniques in computational biology
  • Designing user interfaces for mobile applications
  • Designing methods for high frequency trading
  • Creating computer generated graphics and special effects in the gaming industry
  • Creating embedded real time systems to be deployed in medical devices
  • Analyzing social data from internet communication patterns

The program provides a strong foundation coupled with advanced coursework in the area(s) of each student’s choosing.

Sample Careers & Companies
  • Software Development Engineer (Amazon – work on challenging large-scale distributed problems)
  • Product Management (Google – conceive, design, and launch innovative products)
  • Studio Tools Developer (Pixar – create and maintain software tools for animation and computer effects used in the motion picture industry)
  • Consultant (Cerner Corporation – work with hospitals and clinics to evaluate health care technology needs and recommend solutions)
  • Software Engineer / Advertising Analyst (Yahoo! – design applications for deployment in the on-line marketplace)
  • Quantitative Researcher (Jump Trading – apply data-mining and forecasting techniques to build models of market behavior Cloud Database)
  • Engineer (Netflix –test and analyze performance of one of the largest distributed databases in existence)
Sample Courses
  • CS 412: Introduction to Data Mining
  • CS 418: Interactive Computer Graphics
  • CS 440: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 461: Computer Security I
  • CS 465: Human Computer Interaction

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