Chloe Hettick

  1. About Chloe
    1. Year: Class of ‘23
    2. Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA
    3. Hobbies: Arts and crafts, soldering computer circuits, and video games.
  2. Major & Why
    1. Chloe is studying Aerospace Engineering with a strong passion in plane designing. She has always loved building things and slowly became interested in planes through the Science Olympiad Club in high school. 
  3. Life at UIUC
    1. Favorites: Chloe enjoys the permanent feeling of life on campus. She says it really feels like home and it gives someone a chance to make your mark at this university. 
    2. Why Choose UIUC: Chloe toured many different schools but instantly fell in love with UIUC. It’s so easy to find friends in different groups across campus, everyone is so nice and welcoming. 
  4. RSOs
    1. Women in Aerospace – media co chair
    2. Design Build Fly – External Relations Representative
    3. Sab-Student Aircraft Builders
    4. Illinois Space Society
  5. Extracurriculars 
    1. In her free time, Chloe volunteers at local middle schools as a tutor. She loves getting to help kids through their work as well as their day to day life. It is cool to see how life here is so different from her hometown. 
  6. After Graduation
    1. Chloe’s dream job is definitely in Large Plane Design. She has thought about graduate school, but still doesn’t know what she has in store for the future. 
  7. Being a Woman in STEM
    1. Chloe has a unique experience in understanding the life of being a woman in STEM. Her mom is a civil engineer, and has been very vocal about her experiences in STEM most of Chloe’s life. Chloe has seen her mom overcoming many different barriers and can see the difference of barriers that she has to overcome now. It allows her to appreciate being a woman in STEM today. 
  8. Advice to Freshmen
    1. Chloe advises freshmen to buy a winter coat before it starts snowing rather than after. On a serious note, she says that it is best to let life take you where it’s going to take you. There are always bumps in the road, so it is best to just power through.

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