Carolyn Nye

Recently graduated, Carolyn still remains at Illinois while pursuing her Master’s of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. She is also a student athlete at the University as a pole vaulter for track and field.

During her time as an undergraduate, Carolyn shared the following:

I chose electrical engineering because I enjoyed the electricity and magnetism portions of physics in high school. At the time, I did not know that electrical engineering could be applied in a variety of different fields and is an essential part of most projects. I am very thankful to have chosen electrical engineering because it has opened a lot of doors for me and will continue to provide me with varied opportunities. I am excited to be a WIE Ambassador because I enjoy answering people’s questions about The Grainger College of Engineering and showing them how Illinois can be a great home away from home. In my free time, you can find me running, attending Fighting Illini sporting events, and going to concerts around town.

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