Beth Keser

MeetBethDr. Beth Keser received her B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Keser’s excellence in developing revolutionary electronic packages for semiconductor devices has resulted in 12 patents, 12 patents pending, and over 40 publications in the semiconductor industry.

Based in San Diego, Keser leads the Fan-Out and Fan-In Wafer Level Packaging Technology Development and NPI Group at Qualcomm. Her team has qualified over 50 products resulting in over 6 billion units shipped–technology consumers around the world enjoy in cell phones today.

Keser always wanted to go into industry after her Ph.D. She worked for Motorola in Tempe, AZ on Advance Electronic Packaging for 12 years before moving to Qualcomm in San Diego to run the Wafer Level Packaging team. Keser says being involved in professional societies has been extremely important for her career as they help to grow your network, give a better understanding of your field, and give self-confidence when people turn to you for advice and expertise. She is currently a very active member of IEEE, where she is a senior member.

Keser’s advice to current students is to dedicate the first 5 years of their career to becoming technically deep and a technical expert in their field. As women, it can be very easy to get pulled into program management and leadership roles with which leverage our natural teamwork skills. However, it will help you throughout your career to have a technical depth you develop right after graduation. There is plenty of time later for program and people management.

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