Anjana Narasimhan

Hi! My name is Anjana Narasimhan, I am a Senior studying Industrial Engineering specializing in economics and finance with minors in the Hoeft Technology and Management Program and Violin Performance. I am from Naperville, IL and after graduation, I will start my career in Chicago with Ernst & Young as a Technology Consultant, within their Technology Transformations practice. WIE had an extremely positive impact on my college career, as I attended the WIE orientation camp prior to my freshman year, where I learned tips on how to succeed in college from older students and faculty and was able to make friendships that I still have maintained throughout my 4 years on campus. I have also been an Engineering Learning Assistant for ISE students, teaching Engineering 100 for two years. I have held leadership positions in organizations such as IISE, IBC, VCA, and many others. I love sharing my vast expertise and unique experiences with those interested in studying Engineering at UIUC, as this college and the ISE department have provided me with amazing opportunities. I am extremely grateful to have had so many great mentors who guided me to success throughout my college experience and by being a WIE ambassador, I hope to do the same!

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