Amy Doroff

During her first semester freshman year, Amy Doroff considered leaving engineering for a different major. “Engineering wasn’t easy,” Doroff said. “I wasn’t used to struggling in classes.”

Encouraged by an advisor to stay in the program, Doroff went on to do an internship with John Deere in the summer of 2014. Her work there won the Moline, Illinois factory the Dan Levengood Excellence in Ergonomics award.

She graduated from Illinois with her Bachelor’s in 2015 and joined Whirlpool Corporation’s three-year manufacturing leadership development rotational program. She now works as an assembly engineer, leading a team of ninety employees to produce plastic tubs for nearly 25,000 washing machines per day.

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Article & photo: ISE Illinois

Vignette written by: Taylor Tucker, August 2017

Updated: September 2018

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