Alexandra Wittinger

Alexandra has always been a very practical and logical person. When looking into higher education, she figured her skills were best suited for a degree in engineering like her brother and father. She was drawn to the University of Illinois because of the diverse opportunities available. Here, Alexandra was able to continue with her very successful basketball career as a player for the Fighting Illini Women’s Basketball team where she ranked second in the league for her 3.3 offensive blocks per game as a freshman, became 1 of 8 women in Illinois history to reach their 100th career block as a sophomore, and just scored the 1000th point in her college career in a game against Wisconsin on January 28th of this year. Additionally, as a part of Alpha Omega, the Illinois Campus ministry with the Champaign Church of Christ, Alexandra has been able to build strong relationships with people that encourage her to persevere with her convictions including her academics, basketball, and especially her faith in Christ.

Her #1 piece of advice to other students is to manage your time as efficiently as possible. Being a part of a sport that overlaps both semesters and takes up as much time as a job and an active participant in her campus ministry, Alexandra needed to master the skill of time management very quickly in college. She balances out her average workload by taking summer classes. After finishing her degree in next year, she hopes to work with waste removal systems to find more efficient ways to purify our water supply.

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