WIE Lead

When more women achieve leadership positions, society’s understanding of what a good leader looks like will change. It is well recognized that a diversified leadership structure is both more effective and profitable. As students studying engineering at a top university, our women are sought out by many companies looking for fresh talent to add to their team. With the help of a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Sophie Leung, alumni of the university, we created this program in order to encourage our women engineers to become a leaders, develop their skills, and make them stand out among others.


The Athena CORE10 is a critical new initiative by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College—a fresh look at the attributes that today’s leaders need to achieve, maintain, and maximize the impact of their positions.

“We are building a world where women obtaining and exercising power is both expected and commonplace”

Why are we committed to creating a bold new vision of leadership?  It is simple: When more women are leaders, we change society’s understanding of what a leader looks like, how they operate and how they respond to social, political and economic needs.  When more women are leaders — particularly when they are powerful, visionary and strategic ones — then communities and organizations are more innovative, productive and successful. When more women are leaders, we raise the aspirations of women and girls around the world.

How to Participate

  • Students: WIE LEAD is held once a month and sign ups can be found in the WIE COLLABORATE student newsletters.
  • Alumnae: We are always seeking alumnae to be our guest speakers at our monthly workshops. If you feel you have valuable information to share about one of our leadership topics, please fill out our Alumnae Engagement Survey or contact us at wie@illinois.edu.


Fall 2018 Workshop Schedule

  • September 25: Advocacy
  • October 12: Leverage
  • November 7: Collaboration

WIE Leadership Certificate Requirement

  • Complete a minimum of four workshops
    • Attendance at WIE Lead can count towards the required leadership programs for the Campus Leadership Certificate. Please visit the Illinois Leadership Center website for more information on the requirements.

WIE will be publishing the details of the events on our Facebook page!

WIE Lead: Coffee and Cookies

This fall 2018, WIE is hosting WIE Lead: Coffee and Cookies, a WIE program for faculty or alumnae to come to campus, meet informally with women students in engineering and share their experiences as women engineers. Our goal is to bring successful women in STEM to serve as role models to inspire and encourage current women students in engineering at the University of Illinois.

WIE Lead: Coffee and Cookies will take place from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Engineering Hall room 106 B6.

Fall 2018 Workshop Schedule & Guest Speakers

  • September 24: Morgan Bakies
  • October 15: Victoria Coverstone
  • November 12: Kit Gordon