Stories of Women in Engineering from Illinois

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Women engineers are becoming more numerous and continuing to change the world. They are out in the workforce leading, teaching, innovating, designing, building, and researching. Their contributions and perspectives are becoming more valuable to educators and employers, and their challenges and successes have gained national attention.

The book, “Women and Ideas in Engineering: Twelve Stories from Illinois” was inspired by a similar volume published in 1967 titled “Men and Ideas in Engineering – Twelve Histories from Illinois.” “Men and ideas” highlights “twelve accounts of men, events, and inventions in the hundred-year history of the University of Illinois’ College of Engineering,” and discusses contributions of men who are a part of the Illinois legacy, such as the structural engineering accomplishments of Arthur Newell Talbot and John Bardeen’s theory of superconductivity.

The university’s sesquicentennial is the perfect time to complement “Men and Ideas” by releasing this companion book, which will share stories of female engineering alumni, their impact, and their visions.  The stories of these women have proved to be exhilarating and intriguing, and have challenged us to build upon our own stories. Some of these stories are being told for the first time, making us all the more excited for their release. We have marveled at the creativity, determination, brilliance, and hard work of these women, whose discoveries and inventions have benefited us all.

Beyond the book’s publication, we have been posting a new set of stories each month. As the book is available for sale, we are now also publishing stories of women from each of the twelve chapters. Read our stories to learn insider information and see material that can’t be found in the book. Click the links below to read the most recent stories, or browse through each engineering major tab to read older posts.

New features:

Alison Dunn, Mechanical Engineering

Amy Doroff, General Engineering

Carolyn Primus, Ceramic Engineering

Louise Woodroofe, Architecture (formerly included in the College of Engineering)

Naira Hovakimyan, Mechanical Engineering

Rosalyn Yalow, Nuclear Physics

Victoria Coverstone, Aerospace Engineering

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